Three Ways to Find Out If Your Movers Are Legit

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When you read moving companies reviews, there are certain things you have to watch out for. Should you really just trust complete strangers with all of your possessions so easily? Sure, maybe a friend of a friend works there, but does that really speak for the integrity of the company?

The question is, can you really trust moving companies reviews? And the answer is that it is safer not to. Instead of buying what some anonymous web denizen says in moving companies reviews, it is better to check them out yourself. Sure, there are only a few bad eggs in the industry that might steal, but there are other dangers as well, like if they damage your things, if they get lost and charge you more, or worse.

Here are a few of the things you can do to to get to bottom of those moving companies reviews, and find out if what they say about your long distance movers or whomever is true.

1. Check their license.

Every American moving company needs a license and they must be insured. If not, then consider that to be a major red flag.

2. Call the Better Business Bureau or the American Moving and Storage Association.

This way, you can find out if there have been past complaints, and what those complaints were. One or two are not that big of a deal. Everybody has bad days or has bad customers, but if there is a repeated complaint, like that the movers were late, then it might be best to find a new company.

3. Check to see if the company has a physical address.

You should always be dubious of a company that does not post at least a mailing address on their website. A lack of PO box or physical address could show that the company is not legitimate. Of course, they simply might not have it on their website, so you can always ask.

I hope that your moving companies reviews that lauded your movers as the best come true. I am sure that if you follow these three pieces of advice, you will get to the bottom of those moving companies reviews. Good luck!

If you have any comments or concerns about moving companies reviews, feel free to share!

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