It’s time to move. Oh boy! We know what this means. You have to cram all your stuff into boxes and start shopping for a cross country moving company. What stress? There is the confusion of now knowing where any of your stuff is and all these boxes. And then the kids are all out of sorts because of the moving anxiety. On top of this, you may have a new job to start at the other end of the move. Oh boy.

The last thing you need is the run-around from a sales guy at one of the cross country moving companies trying to give you the runaround. You want to know what you are buying. You want a good price but you also want a moving company that is going to make this a good experience. And you have read all sorts of bad moving stories on the Internet. Simply scary stuff. Some movers run away with all your belongings leaving you and your family with only the suitcase in the trunk and the family dog. Simply horrifying.

Well we built this site to be a moving resource for you to avoid a bad moving outcome. We have a ton of moving check list articles and other helpful things that you can read to make informed decisions. We hope that you find this collection of moving tips helpful.

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