Long Distance Moving, One Box at a Time

Cross country moving companies

Finding the best movers is just the first step in a complex project for a long distance move. We frequently concentrate on the cross country moving companies when moving cross country, but getting your home in order can be a near overwhelming task. If you break it into logical steps any cross country moving company can come in and help you get your possessions securely on the truck, across the country and into your new home.

Whether you are packing everything on your own or relying on movers to pack your belongings you will need to do some preparation. First, make sure the “essentials” that you will need instantly accessible are gathered together in a separate location. Also, you will want to think ahead of where you will stage all of the boxes you are filling. Sometimes that means that each room has space to stack boxes or it could mean that you have one location for all of the boxes. Whatever you decide, make sure it is easily accessible with a clear walkway.

Before items go in boxes, you or the movers can create a list of contents. You may be surprised at how hard it can be to find items, even for the most organized person. So take the risk of losing items out with a simple list so that you can determine where something was packed. As you pack, also take note that you do not fill the boxes too full. An overweight box will not stack well and could potentially rupture, even if it is taped well.

Some of the first boxes packed in each room should probably contain the least used items. As the movers start placing boxes on the truck you will not have to worry about any unexpected need to unpack something that you realized you will need now. Your worries do not end once the movers have placed everything on the truck too. There are many choices as far as insuring your items. Typically movers are required to carry a certain level of insurance for your items. But, you do not want to depend on the movers to insure your possessions for replacement value. In fact, your movers may be able to direct you to providers that can complement the movers insurance to cover theft, damage and acts of God.

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