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Any time you move from one house to another, it can be stressful. Cleaning, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking… even calling friends to ask for help can be stressful to some people. And all of this can be true even if you are only moving two streets over. But add on the stress and difficulty of moving cross country, and you can see why so many people choose to enlist the services of long distance movers.

As a simple matter of equipment, cross country moving companies are a smart choice. Not only do they have trucks and vans large enough to safely and efficiently haul all of your furniture, appliances, and boxes, but they have the right equipment to load it all into the vehicles. So you and your friend from college can avoid having matching hernias when it comes to moving your fridge out of the kitchen.

Renting your own truck to load and drive yourself can be a harrowing guessing game if you have not moved for a number of years. The longer you stay put, the more things you accumulate, and you can not necessarily rely on the last time you moved as an accurate reflection of the size of truck or trucks that you need. But hiring professionals who have plenty of day to day experience gauging space requirements can be a huge help when moving cross country, even before you pack a box.

And speaking of packing, most companies will provide you with packing options whether moving cross country or moving down the block. You can do as much or as little as you want. Maybe you want to know exactly which box each knickknack and book will be in, or maybe you want to catch a movie or four at the local cineplex while your house is expertly packed and cleaned, and even unpacked if you desire.

Moving cross country can be a hectic time, full of excitement, promise, hopes, and fears. Take as much stress out of moving cross country as you can by hiring professionals to do the job fast, efficiently, and right the first time.

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