Mobile Storage Solutions

Storage pods offer great flexibility for people needing additional storage space or for those relocating to a new home. Pods are used by long distance movers for people moving cross country or across the globe. Due to the modular nature of a storage pod there are many options for shipping items in a pod.

Storage pods are used by many as an alternative to rental of a storage locker in a self storage facility. Storage solutions are commonly used by home owners who do not have enough storage space in their home, and have items they do not need or use all year long. Outdoor furniture and seasonal decorations can be placed in storage units during the times of the year when they are not in use. A storage unit or pod frees up valuable storage space in the home or garage.

Pods have become so popular because they do not require you to own a large vehicle capable of hauling your possessions to and from a storage unit. Companies from whom you rent a storage pod will deliver your pod to your driveway or lawn so that you can load and unload at your own pace. When you are done they will pick up the unit and bring it to their storage facility. Pods offer much needed flexibility to those looking for storage solutions. Pods are popular as well for people doing short term remodeling. Furniture and precious possessions can be relocated to the pod while homeowners paint or replace flooring without worry about damage to their items.

Pods also offer an alternative to DIY moving that does not require you to be comfortable in driving a large rental truck. If you are considering a pod for moving, check out the providers website they may offer tools for you to estimate the size pod you will need. Pods can come in several sizes, and those with large homes or many items of furniture may need to rent multiple pods. When using estimating tools, if you find yourself between sizes, it will be better to round up and give your stuff more space, rather than cramming things in a small space that may damage your precious items.


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