The Pod People

Frequent long distance movers know that having to drive a truck cross country can be a frustrating, expensive, and, if you are like me, terrifying experience. The thought of having to drive a huge truck on highways and country roads scared me to death. Then again, I have always driven coupes. But, if this does strike a chord with you, then you may be interested in solving your problems by hiring a moving company to bring you moving pods.

Moving pods are large storage containers that can be delivered to your house, and left there. This allows you to pack and organize your pods at your leisure. When you rent a truck, or hire a mover, an emphasis is placed on packing speedily. This adds an extra layer of stress and disorganization to what could be a very pleasant experience. No one wants to be rushed out of the house they have spent so much time in, and no one wants to accidentally break all of their plates because they hurriedly tossed them in the back of a truck. Many moving companies provide pods in a wide array of sizes. You will not be forced to pay a lot of extra money for an extra large pod, when you had just barely too much stuff to put in medium sized pods.

Moving pods also allow you to get to your new home on your own time. Pods can be put into storage until you are ready for them, then the moving company will deliver them right to your door. Again, you can unpack your pod at a leisurely pace. It also means that you do not have to drive to your new home, like you would if you rented a truck. If you do drive, you have time to make detours, visit friends, and visit roadside attractions. There is no need to adhere to a strict schedule.

Moving long distances does not have to be a stressful, expensive rush from one house to another. You can take your time packing, unpacking, and travelling while your moving pods wait for you at your house, or in storage. You can use the free time to enjoy the sites, relax, and just move.

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