Simple and Efficient Long Distance Moving

Let us just face the facts; moving is one big pain. It has been said that moving is the third most stressful life event after death and divorce. While might seem like a dubious claim, moving is indeed a high stress life event. The stress endured by long distance movers is likely significantly higher than moving across town. Regardless of distance of a move, movers now have the convenience of Pods to help make their move as efficient and painless as possible. Although moving is never easy, Pods can at least help to make the packing part less stressful.

In addition to the physical packing and moving of possessions, there are a number of other things related to moving that adds to the stress. Typically, movers have several loose ends to tie up regarding the jobs they are leaving, and presumably, the jobs they will soon start. However, with Pods, the physical part of moving may be the easiest part for movers. Many moving companies provide some version of Pods, which are large, portable storage container units, which are made of durable steel, and come in different sizes.

Once family movers decide that they would like to use pods, they simply contact a moving company that supplies Pods, and the company delivers them to the residence of the movers. Pods are usually delivered to the movers residence via flatbed truck. Once the Pods are dropped off, the movers can rent them for as long as they would like. This could be as little as a couple of days to many weeks. However, the best part about Pods is that they allow family movers to sort through their belongings, discard the items they do not want, and pack the rest into the Pods.

Once the pods are loaded, the personal possessions will not need to be handled again until the moving companies deliver them to the new home or destination. In the meantime, the personal possessions will be securely locked away in the Pods, rather than cluttered about the home. When the big day approaches, and a moving date is firm, if the movers have not done so already, they will contact the moving company and finish making the moving arrangements. When the day of the move actually arrives, the moving company will load the Pods on a truck and transport them to the new address, even if the address is across the country.


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