Pods are More Than Just Moving Units

People are coming up with more and more creative ways to use pods. Pods were commonly used as a do it yourself alternative to hiring long distance movers, but in recent years people have started using them for other things besides moving. Today, pods are common used as temporary storage units.

People are turning to these portable moving units as a way to temporarily store items. Whether it is trying to clear a house out to show it to potential buyers or the need to remove items in an effort to start a home remodeling project, pods can provide people with the temporary storage they need.

Real estate experts suggest that homes sell faster when there is less clutter around the home. People have started renting these portable moving units for temporary storage of the clutter around the home. Homeowners can place all the clutter in the portable moving unit. This allows the house to be shown without all the clutter, but doesn’t require homeowners to have to go through the lengthy process of traveling back and forth to a storage facility to store the items.

Home remodeling projects are another reason people are starting to use pods as temporary storage units. When people remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, they often need to clear the entire place of furniture and other items. Pods provide enough space to temporarily store these items. The items stay close to home, but provide the space people need to start a remodeling project.

In fact, pods are used so often during home remodeling projects that some contractors include the price of the rental unit in their quote. This can vary depending upon the contractor, so it is best to ask the contractor before assuming they incorporate the pod in the price of the quote.

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