Minimizing the Stress of Long Distance Moves

Moving of any kind can be incredibly stressful. In fact, it is one of the biggest pains that one will ever experience in life. It is said that moving is the third most stressful life event behind death and divorce. While that may be debatable, the fact that moving is even mentioned in that context speaks volumes about how much of a pain it actually is. While moving is incredibly stressful for all movers, it is even more so for long distance movers. Regardless of the distance between the current residence and the new home, Moving can be made more efficient, convenient, and far less stressful through the use of Pods.

While Pods are a simple invention, they can be a boon to movers who hope to achieve the most efficient and clutter free moves. For movers who are pack rats, Pods can be especially valuable. Basically, Pods are large storage units that are made of high impact steel, and come in various sizes in order to accommodate the needs of different customers. Once a customer decides that he or she would like to make arrangements to use a Pod for their next move, all they need to do is contact a moving company that offers Pods. Once the size and number of Pods have been determined, the Pods will be delivered to the residence of the customer via a flatbed truck. Once the Pods have been dropped at the residence, the customer may keep the Pod for the duration of the move, whether it is for several days of several week.

While the Pod is in the possession of the customer, he can work at his own pace, and load the Pod with personal possessions as he goes. Obviously, the ability to load sorted items into the Pod immediately reduces the clutter that is typical to most moves. As such, Pods makes it possible have all of the personal effects loaded and ready to go days or weeks before the move occurs. The ability to pack and load as one goes along reduces stress considerably, as most of the physical part of the move is complete before the moving day arrives. When that day does arrive, the moving company will send a truck to pick up the Pods, load them on a flatbed, and transport them to the new residence anywhere in the continental United States.


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