A Joyful Move

I got a new job! I really did. A good one. I am moving and I am starting my new position next month. I could not be more excited. Now only to hire movers. Last time I moved I was very successful with pods. Their service was great. It was efficient and affordable. But I did work my tushy off loading and unloading the thing. But this time is different. This time is so different. This time my new job is paying to ship my belongings and I am one happy camper!

I shall hire long distance movers. Yes. I am wearing my grown up pants now. I am packing up my life to move out west to my grown up job. And I am hiring professional movers. Like a grown up. Do not get me wrong, I understand that many grownups move themselves without help. But I have never been given the option. I have never been able to afford to hire movers. Moving was always a pain staking, back breaking curse of a task. I am on cloud nine that now, for the first time, I shall only make a phone call to arrange for my move.

I will sleep soundly the night before the movers arrive to my house. I shall arrive refreshed at my new home and my new job because, after all, the movers packed everything up, transported, arrived safely to my new home and arranged my new grown up life and awesomeness in my new grown up home where I will get settled, sleep soundly once again and then head out to my new grown up job. The only downer is that I do not think I can ever go back. If I ever move again, and I am sure at some point I will, I will again require movers to make moving as fun and exciting as it should be.


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