Moving can cure your pack rat ways

If you know you’re a pack rat, you’re probably not thrilled about moving. Hiring movers can be expensive when you have over 100 boxes of comic books. Everyone has a hellish moving story. Getting organized before the movers show up is probably the best thing you can do to save yourself drama on moving day.

Most people find out there are moving a few months before moving day. If you start organizing (wading through works, too) your stuff early enough you’ll likely be able to cut the box count in half, make a little extra cash (movers are expensive), and best of all unclutter your life.

One of the healthiest things you can do for your psyche is to free your physical space of clutter. Everything around you is call visual noise. Some of it is pleasing and calming, like a painting or a picture of your family on vacation. But when you have piles of old magazines or shoes or garbage scattered all over the house, it creates chaos in your brain. Imagine if your walls where all covered in pictures, without one speck of wall space showing through. It would be overwhelming to take it all in. That’s what happens with large amounts of visual noise.

Hiring someone to come in to help you organize and prioritize your belongings is a great way of getting good idea for introducing Zen like concepts into your private space. They will start by asking you to do a simple task like starting with removing all of the paper from one room. movers love moving boxes of paper for you by the cubic foot. You really don’t want to have to spend that much.

The next step in taking back control of your belongings is to create three boxes. One for donations, one for stuff you want to sell, and another for stuff you’re keeping. Make the donations and sell boxes a priority. Hiring long distance movers is expensive. Selling stuff can easily pay for your movers.

Now you’re ready to pack up all of your stuff for the movers. Another way to control the amount of stuff you take is to move with pods. They are like storage lockers that you fill and then movers pick them up and transport them to your new home.

Take this opportunity to stop your pack rat ways. And pay for the movers!
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