Portable Moving System

If you and your family are moving, Pods are a great way to do it! You can pack your pod as you like, arranging and organizing by room, by color, by size, by fragility, and these movers can and will deliver the pod to your new home. They are short and long distance movers, and you have the option of renting the pods for storage purposes after the move. You don’t even need to keep the pods on your property, as the movers who delivered and drove your pod will happily keep it in their warehouse for safekeeping!

We all know what a hassle moving is. With all the packing and people and chaos, it is so easy to lose something for the next few years if it ends up in the wrong truck or the wrong box. Choosing a mover is intensely difficult, and it is exacerbated if the move is over a long distance. By using pods, you can choose when and where you want to pack your things. No movers will handle your boxes aside from yourself, and it can be delivered right to your door without so much as a box out of place.

Even if you are not concerned with the movers touching your things, moving is often more trouble than you think. We are all pack rats in some way, saving years of keepsakes to remember our own childhood or that of our children, and oftentimes these precious mementos are not displayed and must be stored in attics or basements. It seems like a lot of work to transport these things just to put them back in a basement. The pods moving system allows you to store without hassle the things you love in a safe and portable box.


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