Questions to Ask Potential Long Distance Movers

Long distance moves generally encompass anything that will transport you across state lines or at least 300 miles. At least this is how most long distance movers define the type of moves that they generally cater to. If your move will take you to the other part of the state or across the country, consider long distance movers to help guide you. They have excellent expertise to act as your moving guide.

Long distance movers come in all shapes and sizes, just like traditional moving companies. There are ones offering full-service moves, which will encompass everything from planning and packing to loading and unloading to transportation. There are long distance movers where you get to choose what you do and what the movers do when packing, loading and traveling. And there are movers that simply offer the truck that you rent, and you handle the rest. Prior to selecting a mover, a few questions should be posed.

Questions to ask potential long distance movers should be broken down into three main sections: costs, services and guarantees. In terms of cost, additional questions for long distance moving companies must revolve around how customers are charged. It could be by the hour or total time invested by the movers, square footage of the home or business, or something entirely different. Knowing all costs is paramount before selecting any mover.

With respect to services, determining just what is offered and then knowing what is expected of you before and leading up to moving day helps assure you that you have chosen the right long distance movers. As mentioned previously, each mover is different and each menu of services is accordingly different. Choosing a quality mover that has a full range of services … or at least the ones that matter to your move … helps alleviate stress and makes for a better all around move.

With relation to guarantees, protection is important for long distance movers to provide, as is some type of guarantee that makes the moving company liable for anything that is broken or damaged en route. Not all moving companies come close to doing this, but selecting one that offers a guarantee of quality and services should be a requirement. Without knowing the answers to these important questions, you may find yourself wading in a sea of uncertainty. Be sure and confident when choosing a mover, though, to assure a smooth move.

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