A Few Tips for Moving

Thinking of moving but dreading the planning phase of your plan? There are actually some great ways to reduce the stress involved with a move, and many of them can be done free of charge. The first thing that you will want to do is decide whether or not you will want to work with a moving company in your area. It is usually a better idea to hire a mover, unless you have a lot of friends or family members that can help you with your move, or you have a small amount of items that can fit inside of a car or truck. A moving company can help to relocate a large amount of items, from those that would fill an office to those that could fill the floor of an office building, and generally have better vehicles for the job, as well as more experienced labor that can save you from back or knee pain.

Another part of your plan will be making sure that all of your services and contacts know that you are moving to another location. While this may sound like an obvious step, you may be surprised to know just how often people can forget to send change-of-address forms to magazine companies, friends, or even family. On the same token, moving involves having your utility services relocated to your new location, so if you have not already done so, make a list of all of the utilities that you will need to relocate. For most people, this will be the general gas, water, electric, internet, phone, and television services, but for others it may also include home security services, prescription deliveries, and more. Moving to another location will mean taking everything with you, including your services and mail deliveries.

Finally, if you plan to pack on your own when moving you should start by packing one room at a time, starting with rooms that are least often used and then working your way to the more used rooms. This can mean starting in the basement, for example, and then working toward your bedroom as the goal. Packing your own belongings when moving also means making sure that you have the right supplies, such as boxes, insulation and padding for the inside of the box, markers, tape, and other items to help keep everything organized, closed, and properly marked.


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