Finding and Renting Moving Pods

When it comes to finding a great way to eliminate many of the logistical hassles of the traditional moving experience, portable moving and storage pods have proven to be second to none in this matter. In short, these moving and storage pods are simply reusable, lockable storage containers that can fit your furniture, household goods, et cetera in the same way that a moving van would be able to do. These containers will be dropped off at your point of origin to be filled on your own, and another call to the company that rented you the pods will see the unit taken away by a professional to the next destination.

This is where pods really can save many people a lot of time and headaches when moving to a new place. If you wish to have your pods directly shipped to a new address, go ahead and let the rental company know where and when to drop off your units. However, if you are unsure of your next permanent address, or will not be ready to move in formally for a while, you can then ask to have your filled pods stored at a secure facility near your new home while you straighten things out.

Once you are ready to reclaim your pods and the things therein, go ahead and call the rental company you have used one more time in order to have them drop off your pods at a specific time and place. Unload your filled pods at your leisure, and then place a final call to the rental company in order to have the empty units taken back for the next customer to use. With any luck, the use of moving and storage pods can potentially save you a fair amount of logistical trouble, physical labor, and money in the process!

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