Use Pods For Ultimate Moving Convenience

If you are starting to plan your next big move, you may be starting to realize that packing and loading may take more time than you originally thought. If you are apprehensive about the thought of loading up an entire home’s worth of items in only a few hours, there are alternative moving options you can explore that will give you sufficient time to pack and load your belongings. Consider utilizing pods, or Portable On Demand Storage, which are self-storage style containers that can be used to move all of your belongings from one place to the next.

To get an overall idea about the function of the company, you can check out some companies and their available options online. At each website, you can take a look at the size and dimensions of the pods themselves, which are available in various sizes. These websites should contain guidelines that can help you decide which dimension size will work best for your needs.

After you decide on the size and quantity of pods you will be using, you can then arrange to have your containers dropped off at your home location. The company does not place restrictions on the amount of time you have to load up your pods. You can pack and load items at your own convenience, such as room-by-room, to keep the process from becoming overwhelming. Pods are also equipped so you can use your own locking mechanisms to secure your items, so that only you and your family members can access them once they are packed. After your packing is complete, a driver is dispatched to pick up your pods and transport them to your new location, where again, you can unpack and unload at your convenience.

The door-to-door style of service is not the only benefit of utilizing pods. These portable units can also be used for self-storage purposes at your home location, so when you arrange to use them for moving purposes, the company includes one month of free storage. There are benefits to the actual packing and transporting, as well. Since the containers are placed on level ground, you do not have to worry about using ramps to gain access to your storage area, unlike when you use a typical moving truck. Additionally, the company uses a special loading system for full pods, which decreases the chance of your items shifting during transport.

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