Making you move easier

When most people think of moving they think of stress. The idea of piling everything you own into boxes, trusting their care to someone else, tying up every loose end, and having to do it all while working and looking for a new home, is enough to drive anyone over the edge or so it would seem. Sadly, for many people this high stress situation is the reality for their move. They think there is no other way to do things and so they are content with the age old high stress moving situation. In truth though there is nothing about a move that needs to gets the blood pumping or make you worry for your sanity. In fact if you do things right even a long distance move can be a (gasp) fun experience. After all is not that what buying a house should be, fun?

The key to making your long distance move, or even short distance move a breeze is planning. That does not mean that you rush downstairs the morning of your long distance move and hope against hope that you did not forget anything. It means planning things out well in advance and giving yourself enough time to look them over and make any corrections they may need. Especially with a long distance move you will want to check and recheck all your plans to make sure that everything is where it needs to be and there are no loose ends to worry about. Additionally in a long distance move you will want to do your best to coordinate things from both ends. This means you will want to get everything together where you currently live while also doing your best to put things together at your new living space.

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