Pack Professionally Just Like The Movers

If you are hiring movers to get you to your new residence, there are a number of ways in which you can make the experience much smoother. With certain movers you may be provided with packing materials depending on the plan of service you have purchased. But if you have decided to pick one in which you must supply your own packing materials, you can still do well so long as you make sure you have everything you need. Most movers will supply certain materials which you can purchase on your own relatively easily, so make a list of the supplies that you will need by speaking with these movers about what they personally recommend.

Most movers will probably recommend that you have boxes, packing tape, garbage bags and markers. These are the very basic supplies needed to make a move go well. Boxes may seem like a very general item to have, but movers know that different sizes of box will be needed. You may, for instance, want to use a larger box for many lighter items, while packing heavier items into boxes which are appropriate for their size. The size and weight of the item will generally effect what size box you should use. Packing materials such as peanuts or other padding is recommended so that the items are not damaged during transport. Although most movers will be very careful with your items, packing peanuts or air filled plastic bags can provide an extra layer of protection.

Packing tape is another obvious addition, but make sure that you get the right type of tape. Regular tape used in offices may come unstuck during transport. If your boxes open in the truck, they may be damaged as items may fall out or other damage may occur. Make sure that you use the sort of packing tape that the movers themselves would use for the job. Garbage bags are useful for items which are oddly shaped and light weight. This will be good for certain types of clothing, stuff animals, and other items which will not tear through the bag when it is lifted and carried. The markers will be useful for keeping track of which items are in which bags and containers. You should consider labeling your boxes both by type of content and room they will go in.