Must dos when moving cross country – vehicle, plants and pets

Moving cross country can be quite difficult. It is a lot different than moving within the state not just because of the distance but because of other factors which the individual or family may not be aware of. So here are some of the most important vehicle, pets and plants moving must dos for moving cross country. These are enough to dos to make moving cross country quite easy for individuals and families when it comes to their vehicles, pets and plants.

The first of course is choosing the right interstate moving company. Almost all sites, articles and blogs about moving have this on the list not because of advertisements from movers but because the importance of choosing the right mover could not be stressed enough as many have already been victimized by moving scams. So one of the most important things when moving cross country is to make sure that the mover has is registered and authorized for the move, has all the necessary insurance, have good ratings and review especially from the Better Business Bureau and have not outstanding and past cases against them.

Second, as one is moving cross country one should choose the right vehicle shipping company. There are companies that specialize in long distance shipping of vehicles and choosing one ensures that the vehicle will arrive in the same condition before it was shipped. Now, if one plans to drive cross country when moving cross country, one should of course first compute how much it would cost to drive cross country, the necessary repairs or conditioning of the car so that it will not break down during the long drive and the cost of the entire road trip, including boarding and lodging. If the ride will take several days it might be cheaper and easier to simply fly and have the car shipped. Similarly, one should do the same with other options, such as driving rental truck. The cost and the trouble vary since it is moving cross country.

Third, when it comes to moving cross country ones pets and animals, one should be familiar with all the works that must be done prior to the move. For plants for example, some state have restrictions about some plants crossing their border and are strict with inspection. As for pets, some states would allow for online registration so that the pet can have a tag before it arrives. That way if the pet gets lost the local shelter can find the owner faster.