We Were Not a Family of Movers

There are often families in the United States that are movers, and when I say movers I am referring to the fact that they life in many different homes throughout their lives. My family was not a family of movers, in fact we have lived in the same house since my parents decided to live together. Since we were not movers I have lived in the same house since I was born until I moved out on my own. Since I lived there I have had many new different neighbors that I have gotten to know well. It was alway a little sad to see them move away but it was fun having new people around to get to know. The movers that would constantly change from the houses around mine were usually great people and I got to know them well. In a sense I do not feel like I missed out on a lot of things that movers experience. This is because since everyone else around me was moving houses it was always like being a new place filled with different people. Even though all of the houses and the streets remained the same the people that came in and out made a huge difference in the way that I viewed the place that I lived in. I was relatively close to all of the places that I needed to get to and there was no real lack of entertainment where I lived. I would always find something for myself to do because I played a lot of music with different people and had made close friends with the people that also stayed behind for a longer time than most of my neighbors. I also felt like the knew my city really well and could navigate it with public transportation with ease as well as show people around whenever they would come over to visit.