Tips on Selecting Long Distance Movers

Thoroughly research potential long distance movers before choosing the company to which you will be entrusting your worldly possessions. Would you feel comfortable turning your things over to someone who could potentially disappear with them forever? It’s not unheard of. Reputable, certified long distance movers should be your only choice. Include your local Better Business Bureau in your research.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Have any of your friends moved recently? Ask around. You should obviously avoid those long distance movers who delivered less than satisfactory services. Once you obtain a few names of reliable long distance movers, confirm that they are registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation for cross country moves or your state’s Department of Transportation for intrastate moves.

Make sure you obtain written estimates from the long distance movers you select as your “finalists.” Experts recommend that you walk the movers through your house to give them an accurate sense of the scope of the job. If they know ahead of time whether you are taking that washer and dryer or tractor mower, you will receive a more reliable estimate.

Some long distance movers provide personal relocation consultants to prepare and assist customers with individualized moving plans. Consultants smooth the way by working out all the details for you. At the very least, long distance movers load, transport and unload your belongings in your new home. Customers may request additional packing and unpacking services from their long distance movers, if they prefer not to or are unable to handle the physical work themselves. These services include debris removal, leaving the customer with a neat and tidy new home. These long distance movers may be the ideal choice for you if you prefer to leave the heavy work to others.

Some long distance movers offer their customers crating services for their breakables, disconnect and connect services for appliances (disassembly and assembly services, too, if applicable) and online shipment tracking so you know when to expect your possessions. These additional protections and services should reassure you that these long distance movers are reliable professionals to whom you can entrust your household belongings.