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Intermotor 51491 Brake Excellent Switch Light Special sale item

Intermotor 51491 Brake Light Switch


Intermotor 51491 Brake Light Switch


Product description

PRODUCT NAME Brake Light Switch BRAND Intermotor PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fitted on the brake pedal, this switch operates the brake lights when the pedal is depressed. Also used to disengage cruise control on certain vehicles ALSO KNOWN AS BLS, brake switch, stop light switch, stop lamp switch SYMPTOMS OF FAILURE Incorrect operation of critical vehicle systems (brake lights, cruise control, start/stop technology) CAUSES OF FAILURE Mechanial breakdown, corrosion CROSS REFERENCES CITROEN/PEUGEOT: 4534.21 CITROEN/PEUGEOT: 4534.35 CITROEN/PEUGEOT: 4534.52 CITROEN/PEUGEOT: 96040821 COMMERCIAL IGNITION: XBLS71 EPS: 1.810.091 EURO CAR PARTS: 464735001 FACET: 7.1091 FAE: 24440 FIAT: 9604082180 FIAT: 9653868480 FUEL PARTS: BLS1023 INTERMOTOR: 51491 KW: 510 091 LUCAS: SMB539 MOTAQUIP: LVRB345 PRODUCT INFORMATION Housing Colour: White, Operating Mode: Manual (foot operated), Technical Information Number: Circuit N.C., Number of Poles: 2, Weight [kg]: 0.01 FITMENT LIST CITROËN AX (ZA-_) 07/1986 to 12/1998 CITROËN BERLINGO (MF) 07/1996 to 12/2011 CITROËN BERLINGO Box (M_) 07/1996 to 12/2011 CITROËN C3 I (FC_) 02/2002 ON CITROËN C3 Pluriel (HB_) 05/2003 ON CITROËN C5 I (DC_) 03/2001 to 03/2005 CITROËN C5 I Estate (DE_) 06/2001 to 08/2004 CITROËN C5 II (RC_) 08/2004 ON CITROËN C5 II Break (RE_) 09/2004 ON CITROËN C8 (EA_ EB_) 07/2002 ON CITROËN DISPATCH (U6U) 06/1994 to 12/2006 CITROËN DISPATCH Platform/Chassis (BU_ BV_ BW_ BX_) 10/1999 to 10/2006 CITROËN DISPATCH Van (BS_ BT_ BY_ BZ_) 06/1994 to 10/2006 CITROËN EVASION (22 U6) 06/1994 to 07/2002 CITROËN JUMPY Box (BS_ BT_ BY_ BZ_) 06/1994 to 10/2006 CITROËN JUMPY Platform/Chassis (BU_ BV_ BW_ BX_) 10/1999 to 10/2006 CITROËN SAXO (S0 S1) 02/1996 to 04/2004 CITROËN SYNERGIE (22 U6) 06/1994 to 07/2002 CITROËN XSARA (N1) 04/1997 to 04/2005 CITROËN XSARA Coupe (N0) 01/1998 to 04/2005 CITROËN XSARA Estate (N2) 10/1997 to 03/2010 CITROËN XSARA PICASSO (N68) 12/1999 ON CITROËN ZX (N2) 03/1991 to 07/1999 CITROËN ZX Estate (N2) 10/1993 to 07/1999 FIAT SCUDO Box (220_) 02/1996 to 12/2006 FIAT SCUDO Combinato (220_) 02/1996 to 12/2006 FIAT ULYSSE (179_) 08/2002 to 06/2011 FIAT ULYSSE (220_) 06/1994 to 08/2002 LANCIA PHEDRA (179_) 09/2002 to 11/2010 LANCIA ZETA (22_) 05/1995 to 09/2002 PEUGEOT 106 Mk II (1) 04/1996 to 07/2004 PEUGEOT 106   (1A 1C) 08/1991 to 04/1996 PEUGEOT 206 CC (2D) 09/2000 ON PEUGEOT 206 Hatchback (2A/C) 08/1998 ON PEUGEOT 206 SW (2E/K) 07/2002 ON PEUGEOT 206 Saloon 03/2007 ON PEUGEOT 206 Van 04/1999 to 03/2009 PEUGEOT 306 (7B N3 N5) 04/1993 to 10/2003 PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E N3 N5) 06/1994 to 04/2002 PEUGEOT 306 Convertible (7D N3 N5) 03/1994 to 04/2002 PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A 7C N3 N5) 01/1993 to 10/2003 PEUGEOT 307 (3A/C) 08/2000 ON PEUGEOT 307 Estate (3E) 03/2002 ON PEUGEOT 307 SW (3H) 03/2002 ON PEUGEOT 405 I Break (15E) 06/1987 to 08/1992 PEUGEOT 405 II Break (4E) 08/1992 to 10/1998 PEUGEOT 405 Mk II (4B) 01/1992 to 11/1999 PEUGEOT 405 Mk II Estate (4E) 08/1992 to 10/1998 PEUGEOT 405   (15B) 01/1987 to 12/1993 PEUGEOT 405   Estate (15E) 06/1987 to 08/1992 PEUGEOT 406 (8B) 10/1995 to 01/2005 PEUGEOT 406 Coupe (8C) 03/1997 to 12/2004 PEUGEOT 406 Estate (8E/F) 10/1996 to 10/2004 PEUGEOT 607 (9D 9U) 01/2000 ON PEUGEOT 806 (221) 06/1994 to 08/2002 PEUGEOT 807 (E) 06/2002 ON PEUGEOT EXPERT (224) 10/1995 to 12/2006 PEUGEOT EXPERT Platform/Chassis (223) 12/1995 to 12/2006 PEUGEOT EXPERT Van (222) 07/1995 to 12/2006 PEUGEOT PARTNER Box (5) 04/1996 to 12/2015 PEUGEOT PARTNER Combispace (5F) 05/1996 to 12/2015 PEUGEOT PARTNER Van (5) 04/1996 to 12/2015

Intermotor 51491 Brake Light Switch


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